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Robina consistently gets the top ratings of any speaker at an event and is guaranteed to enlighten, entertain and inspire. Her talks are insightful and thought provoking with plenty of practical tips and take home lessons. They are delivered with passion and humour in a very personal and captivating style. She is professional whilst also being informal and charms her audiences with her extensive knowledge of and enthusiasm for her subject.

What you get is someone refreshingly different – not your dry, stuffy speaker full of their own self importance but someone rather unconventional with a passion for life and whose main ambitions are for freedom and adventure.

Speaking themes include:

  • Engaging the CEO
  • Corporate politics – how to play the game
  • The art of influencing
  • How to become an inspirational leader
  • Managing today v leading tomorrow
  • Changing the IT leader’s mindset – time for revolution rather than evolution
  • IT from Mars, Marketing from Venus
  • Stereotypes and their effect on reputation
  • What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Read some of the Conference Organisers' Feedback from Robina's past engagements.

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“ Thank you so much for such a stellar keynote! You did a terrific job enlightening and entertaining them! Your interactive style was fabulous. Our attendees gave you rave reviews (no surprise) as did the Cutter crew ”

Cutter Consortium, Annual Summit, Boston

My Books

30 Key Questions that Unlock Management: How do I...? Changing the IT Leader's Mindset Corporate Politics for IT Managers: How to get Streetwise