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My books

30 Key Questions that Unlock Management: How do I...?


30 Key Questions that Unlock Management: How do I...?No-nonsense answers to the real problems faced by today’s busy managers.

Let’s be honest. No matter how good we are at our jobs, we’re constantly being pushed to do things more effectively and efficiently, more productively and profitably. We go on training courses, read training manuals and study self-improvement books. Is this just another self-help guide, full of good ideas and theories that are too difficult or time-consuming to put into practice?

No. This book is different.

30 Key Questions that Unlock Management is not designed to be read from cover to cover; rather it is a manual that provides the answers to your particular problems. It is a direct response to real questions posed by real people doing real jobs. Each section contains practical advice and immediate steps to deal with the issue at hand.

This book will help you build better working relationships and enhance your reputation. You will understand how to obtain the best from your staff and improve the productivity of both yourself and your team. You will learn how to manage your boss, to recognise and use new opportunities to your full advantage, to deal with difficult political situations, and achieve a healthy work–life balance without damaging your career prospects.

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Changing the IT Leader’s Mindset: Time for revolution rather than evolution


Changing the IT Leader's MindsetIncorporating the latest business thinking, this book explains how the IT leader can strike a balance between the need to deliver business as usual whilst at the same time being an agent of change and innovation. Ultimately it explains how the IT leader can really contribute to the development and success of business enterprises and evolve into the CTO – Chief Transformation Officer.

Changing the IT Leader’s Mindset is designed for the busy executive. Short and concise, it does non try to paint the necessary personal transition as a simplistic process or procedure, but focuses on an understanding of human nature and evolutionary psychology. By employing key steps and reflective points, it provides useful tools and sound advice to help you get to grips with balancing soft skills with hard techniques, letting you break out of the IT stereotype and bring innovation into the inner sanctum of your organization.

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Corporate Politics for IT Managers: How to get Streetwise


Corporate Politics for IT Managers: How to get StreetwiseCorporate Politics for IT Managers is a book about management, written specifically for IT managers. It is practical and readable, with a touch of humour.
The book deals directly with the frustrations felt by many IT managers who believe that they are not being listened to. IT is recognised in almost all organizations as important; but many IT managers feel personally undervalued. Their IT departments are also often poorly rated by their internal customers, despite the fact that they work hard, long hours.
By reading this book you will find out how to:

  • Deal with corporate politics
  • Increase your effectiveness as a leader
  • Communicate effectively with not technical people
  • Promote and market your IT function
  • Set a clear direction for IT within your organization
  • Enhance your reputation as a senior business manager, and, above all,
  • Stop doing the things which are getting in the way of your success.

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“This is a book for real managers grappling with real managerial problems”

Robert Ruehl, Director, Pan-European Retail Multiple

“This book is a real breath of fresh air and a must for those of you who wish to take a seat at the Boardroom”

Cathy Holly, Partner, Boyden Global Executive Search & Interim Management

“If a fraction of those who read the book do something positive with the ideas presented the state of UK plc will be for ever enriched ”

Chief Executive of the British Computer Society

My Books

30 Key Questions that Unlock Management: How do I...? Changing the IT Leader's Mindset Corporate Politics for IT Managers: How to get Streetwise