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“The team used to expend an unbelievable amount of time and energy on justifying and supporting entrenched personal positions which had built up over the years. This made it impossible to effect change or to improve processes in any way. To the outsider it looked like some very intelligent people were being very petty. To the management it looked like a very expensive resource delivering very little benefit and virtually no revenue. To the customer it looked like the company had very limited resources. As a result of your work in identifying and addressing the communication issues within the group, the entire team is now focussed on achieving the company's commercial goals through resolving the customers' technical issues as quickly as possible. We now get approximately twice the work done than before with a slightly smaller team. And it is nice to see these people smiling in the office again.

Dr Robina Chatham enables individuals to be more productive and teams to operate more effectively by establishing behaviours that lead to a much more rewarding working environment for everybody. The positive economic impact this can have for a company is compelling.”

Richard Simpson, World Wide Vice President of Sales, Micro Focus Ltd

“I am so impressed that so much value has arisen from a day. You have demonstrated that such courses are not a luxury but a necessity in current economic times. In a word; terrific!”

Peter Tucker, Director, TAD Accountancy Services

“Robina's work on developing an understanding of Organisational Politics at Programme Manager level, and the importance of this when dealing with change in large organisations was a tremendous find for us. The Course, attended by some of our leading change agents, covered aspects which we all knew were really vital and had the chance to explore together as a Group. The Case Studies portraying real business situations and the chance for frequent open discussions about what we were learning together brought it very much to life.

Many of us left saying it was the best course we had ever been on, and some even said it had changed their lives!

We can all point to several examples of how we are using Robina's thinking and teaching in our approach to handling change and the management of business issues generally. In addition, we were so impressed by the work and course material that we have extended it with Robina more widely into our Change community.

I can certainly point to specific evidence where people have developed markedly following the course and to several business situations where we have applied the learning in a practical way to achieve win-win.”

Peter Elcock, Chief Operating Officer, Medium Business & Agriculture, Barclays Plc

“A stunning experience; this was probably the most life-changing week I’ve ever had – I hope I can build on it!”

Tony Piper, IT Director, Pinnacle Insurance Plc

“Having previously benefited from Robina's expertise supporting CIO's and IT Directors through the rough waters of internal corporate politics I commissioned Robina's assistance to take my entire IT Department through a journey of self-awareness and improved internal marketing and communication skills. We were able to measure imperially the improvement in customer satisfaction via customer questionnaires and were able to propel IT forward from being a "evil necessity" to the business to a multi industry award-winning and multi-case studied IT success story that secured us a Top 20 IT Employer position in 2006. The velocity of the improvement owes a great deal to Robina's work.”

Gavin Megnauth, IT Director, Shaw Trust

“Robina offers a practical and revolutionary MBTI based approach to organisational politics and executive team and individual coaching that has enabled me to build senior teams that are far more effective and to substantially improve my own effectiveness in influencing and dealing with difficult people and political situations. I can highly recommend her for team building, personal executive coaching as well as for dynamic and useful conference presentations and workshops.”

Ajay Burlingham-Bohr, Head of Information Systems, RSPB

“Robina's application of the science of personality typing enthused me to develop my own understanding of the subject. She commits 110% effort and enthusiasm to the subject and her students. Attending her seminars has changed the way I work and changed many of the relationships I have within my company (for the better). I cannot recommend Robina and her courses enough; she and they are a life changing experience!”

Cliff Juby, Managing Director, Beaver Medical Products Ltd

“Robina’s ability to adapt her wealth of knowledge and experience provided us with a very beneficial and inexpensive bespoke training program, the various business tools and techniques that Robina provided were practical to deploy and are providing measurable benefits to the organisation.”

Paul Taylor, IT Director, British Energy

“A very challenging and enjoyable course, it helped me understand my own style and the different styles of those around me. The process that I was guided through gave me a very valuable insight into how to use my own strengths to influence critical business decisions at a strategic level.”

Michael Ahern, Head of Information Systems Services, University of Central Lancashire

“It is without doubt the most beneficial and enlightening week of my working career, I have learnt a tremendous amount that will benefit me for the rest of my working life.”

Rodney Eaglesfield, Group Leader, Accenture

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