Robina Chatham

Conference Speaking, Executive Training & Coaching
and Writing & Research


Robina Chatham

Making a difference

Helping people and organisations achieve their full potential

Robina helps organisations to become more successful by awakening the curiosity and improving the emotional intelligence of its people. People who take an interest and who are self aware tend to be happier, more motivated, demonstrate a greater degree of collaborative behaviour and are more innovative. In support of this activity, Robina also helps organisations to create a culture which encourages and rewards teamwork, trust, collaboration and innovation.

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Conference speaking

Top rated keynote speeches that keep your audience sitting on the edge of their seats! Guaranteed to enlighten, entertain and inspire.

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Writing & Research

Robina undertakes research assignments and regularly writes articles for journals and magazines. She has published four books to date.

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Keynote Conference Speaker

Training & Coaching

All workshops and coaching interventions are tailor-made to every client’s individual needs. They are designed to help individuals and organisations achieve their full potential.

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